Direct patient referrals

If you do not have a dentist but need to see a periodontist, we are happy for you to contact us directly. We usually advise that you to see a general dentist first in case your problem is not truly periodontal in nature. We do not undertake general dentistry; however we can arrange an introduction to a suitable dentist for general care based on your location and dental needs. 

Every periodontal case is different and at PerioLondon we will endeavour to structure a treatment plan that will meet you dental requirements keeping time and costs to a minimum. After each consultation and fully scheduled and costed treatment plan will be provided.


What happens at an initial consultation appointment? 

At the first appointment, we aim to understand your concerns and what you hope to achieve with treatment, carry out a detailed examination of your clinical condition and discuss appropriate treatment options and costs with you. We start by taking a full history prior to a comprehensive assessment of your teeth, gums and oral cavity. This is important to ensure that no aspect is missed when considering the appropriate treatment plan. Appropriate radiographs (x-rays) will be taken if needed. 

    We aim to ensure that only necessary radiographs are taken and will contact your dentist for copies of any relevant films that have been taken to avoid duplication. Once all the data has been gathered, we will discuss appropriate treatment options and costs. 

    Where the case is complex a second appointment may be needed to allow time for the necessary planning and discussion. A detailed clinical report will then be written and sent to your dentist. The report, along with a treatment plan that includes the costs of care, will be sent to you at the same time.

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